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I Am Dependant On You

February 27, 2011

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Dependent on You lyrics- Jon Thurlow

Surely I’ve calmed and quieted my soul
Like a child press against his mother
Surely I’ve calmed and quiet my soul

And there’s not a care in the world
when I am trusting You completely
And there’s not a care in the world
when I am trusting You completely

So help me to trust You and
Help my unbelief
I, I wanna be dependent on
I wanna be dependent on You

Psalms 131
Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child.


David and Saul, the better story

February 25, 2011

God shows us the life of David not as an example of how to relate to the Saul’s we encounter in life, but of how a man after God’s heart is willing to be what God has called him to be whether or not he is seeing it manifest in the way that he was expecting.

This isn’t a story of how to become king, it is a story of how to love. It isn’t a story of how to run from oppressive authority, it is a story of how to be obedient to the spirit.

I have recently been given a few interesting signs pointing me to the life of David and up to now I’ve been looking at his life from the microscope of dealing with the adversity of serving under an ungodly king. Now, I’m looking back through Samuel’s account of David, from 1 Samuel 16 through the end of the book, for the hidden wisdom of David’s love for his God and for His people and how this love guided his experiences throughout this seemingly impossible situation.

1 Samuel 16 at

Matthew 11:28

February 14, 2011

Matthew 11:28

Come unto me all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Come: “All of you…COME!”
Unto: To this position, because it is a place of advantage in comparison to not being in this place
Me (me): is not directly pointing to God the Father, but more a personal pronoun for Jesus himself. Jesus is referring to Himself, personally.
All: Each and every, singularly as well as any group of individuals
Labour: whose effort comes without replenishment, who carries excess responsibility, and whose emotions have been injured do to being overwhelmed by circumstances of this life.
And: In addition, not exclusive to the previous
Heavy Laden: You may be having more labor, pressure, grief, guilt, or any other weight of the flesh laid upon you in addition to what you’ve already experienced. The lord doesn’t just deal with that which you have accumulated from the past, but he is able to dissolve the weights that are coming down presently.
I (kago): Jesus is not giving anyone the runaround. Unlike some technical support phone services, when you call to him, you come unto him”.  He is also going to give you what is promised. You will not get sent down a rabbit trail from one operator to the next in hopes of finding your peace.
Will Give Rest (anapauō): Like a big check in the mail. Or Emerald Lagasse… Bam!, Pow! You can never be sure of how this rest is going to come. But “rest assured” once you come to Him, your rest is on the way.

If life has you down on one knee catching your breath, meditate on this verse. Find the rest for your soul even in the midst of the fire.